A Guide to WordPress website architecture

Let’s first understand what WordPress is,

WordPress is additionally customizable, and that is best for e-commerce, and higher blogging additionally and a fascinating feature of model choice and this must apprehend slightly regarding the online website before mistreatment WordPress

A vast reason for its quality is its easy character. You do not need to create a lot of effort to grasp WordPress website design. Once you perceive its functioning, you will comprehend the motive behind conducting bound SEO-related tasks. The information of the structure of your web site ar reaching to be vastly helpful in getting ready AN optimization to arrange for it

It is not solely designed cleanly and well-optimized; however, it’s some free tools that you simply will use to help optimize your website.

Features of WordPress

● Free and open supply

● Thousands of themes to urge in

● Most popular CMS

● Customizable

● Great blogging modules

● Mobile friendly

● SEO ready

● Updating your website is easy

● Convenient

● Great for e-commerce

A WordPress theme is made from model files, sheet files, JavaScript files, Image files and some alternative files like functions.php.

All these files work along to form the look and practicality of your WordPress website.

All the WordPress themes’ files sleep within the folder /wp-content/themes/ as an example , all the files associated with the theme named ‘mystique would by default reside at intervals the folder: /wp-content/themes/mystique/

Template files are PHP files (.php) used to generate sites, making customization potential in WordPress.

The additional model files your theme possesses, the additional customization you will do.

Some model files are used on all the web pages (like header and footer model files), whereas others are used solely underneath specific conditions.

We will currently take a look at some standard model files.


This file contains the header of your site at the side of all the navigation links. Folks that use analytics tools would have added the following code of the solution to the current file. You will access this file through your admin dashboard. Visit look > Editor to appear at and edit the file.

● This file shows headers and navigation.

● If you’d prefer to type changes to the highest section(… of each website (like adding the Google Analytics following Code or alternative following code etc.), you’d prefer to edit this file.

● You will edit the file by reaching to your WordPress Admin Panel > look > Editor> header.php


The index.php file is used to display the post index. WP began as a blogging platform, and thus the index.php file includes a loop that shows the latest journal posts. This file sometimes contains the homepage file. However, looking forward to your theme, the homepage files are typically settled in home.php or front-page.php.

● This model file is used to show the journal post index.

● The journal post index contains a loop (a bunch of PHP code) that displays the foremost recent journal posts in line with some predefined cond. It displays a list of posts in excerpt or full-length type.

● The journal post index is typically set to show on the front page of your website or a separate static page.

● you will edit this file via your WordPress admin panel > look > Editor > index.php or Settings > Reading,


The content of the footer or the bottom neighbourhood of your page is found throughout this file. Some third-party tools like email promoting solutions or analytics applications need users to feature the following code to the footer. In such cases, you will integrate the code by accessing the file through the dashboard at intervals in a constant manner, as was used for the header.php.


The functions.php file is the foremost vital elements at intervals in the WordPress website design. It’s used to outline functions, classes, actions, and filters that the other templates can use throughout a subject. You will modify this file to feature your custom options to a subject. Bear in mind that this file is exclusive to every theme that means that when you modify the model, all the practicality additional through the file are reaching to be lost.


All the styling definitions of a model are enclosed at intervals in the design.css file. It dictates the look and layout of all the pages of your interface. The styling definitions are added to the markup language code of a page that is then conferred to guests in their browsers. This file can also be altered by visiting look > Editor from the dashboard.


● This model file displays your website’s front page (usually known as the house page). The front page is typically a static page or a journal posts index.

● WordPress searches for this file 1st once you load the front page of your WordPress website. Suppose this file is missing then WordPress appearance for a file known as home.php. If home.php is to boot missing, then WordPress appears for a file known as index.php and uses that model to show the front page of your website.

● you will edit the file by reaching to your WordPress Admin Panel > look > Editor front-page.php


● This model file displays the page title and its contents.

● If you are a logged-in user with ‘edit’ permission, then this file displays the ‘Edit’ link through that you will edit the contents of a page

● It additionally displays a comment list and comment form.

● you will edit the file by reaching to your WordPress Admin Panel > look > Editor> page.php


This model file controls; however, class pages ought to be displayed. you will edit the file by reaching to your WordPress Admin Panel > look > Editor class.php


This guide file controls; however, the associate author page ought to be displayed. you may edit the file by aiming to your WordPress Admin Panel > look > Editor > author.php


This is your website’s favicon file. You will find this enter the idea folder via your FTP.


This file is used to dam specified files and folders from being crawled and indexed by Google.

Introduction to phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is also a tool through that you may produce and manage the WordPress MySQL

Database. You don’t need to install this tool. you may access this tool from your internet host board

To access phpMyAdmin, follow the steps below:

● Login to the board provided by your internet host.

● Access the FTP file manager and open the file named ‘wp-config.php file.’

● write the information username and

password: You want this data to later login to


Click on the’ then on the ‘My SQL databases’ link and PHPMyAdmin link.

● Enter your information username and password:


● This guide file controls; however, a search result page ought to be displayed.

● It will show a listing of posts in excerpt or full-length type.

● Edit this file if you’d wish to customize your search result page.

● you may edit the file by aiming to your WordPress Admin Panel look > Editor > search.php


● This guide file is used once WordPress cannot realize the post or page that is queried.

● Edit this file if you’d wish to customize your 404 pages.

● you may edit the file by aiming to your WordPress Admin Panel > look > Editor> 404.php

● the functionality of WP installation files and folders

These files that square measure distinctive to a particular WordPress installation and contain all of your website knowledge.

So if you’d wish to need a backup of your WP website, then take a backup of the following installation files and folders.


This folder contains all of your plugins and themes. It additionally contains all of your diary posts and comments (in the cache sub-folder). Therefore if you’d wish to need a replica of your WordPress website, then 1st take a replica of this folder.


This file stores your WordPress information data like information name, information username, information arcanum, etc. it is a very.

The wp-config.php is also a core file that contains all the critical data regarding your interface’s information. The data includes the name of the information, username, password, and host. Usually, the data allows the CMS to connect with the information to save and access knowledge. Do not decide to fool around with this file. As a result of it will simply ruin your website.


The majority of WordPress hosting provider uses Apache server. Only apache has .htaccess file.The .htaccess file is the configuration file for the apache server that contains the access management definitions. In WP, this file is used for setting permalinks. It’s another significant feeling that has not to be tampered with unnecessarily.

Now, let’s look at various the best WordPress themes for design companies to use simply.

AND HERE is also a listing OF FREE WORDPRESS design THEMES

● Neve

● Sydney

● Hestia

● OceanWP

● Astra


When it involves themes you’d am fond of it to be the best, here square measure some reasons to choose Neve:

● It is extremely customizable

● It comes with custom headers and a footer

● It has several layout choices

● Lightweight base theme

● You can use a site’s library that square measure prepared

● Compatible

● Popular page builders

● Easy to use


Sydney theme provides you with a quicker growth for your sites with its vast choices of themes.

● Wide/plenty of choices to the drive-in

● Designed with best ideas and minds

● Google fonts

● These themes square measure translation prepared

● Custom elementor blocks

● You can set an optical phenomenon backgrounds

● Static image header

● Easy to use


Hestia is also a contemporary theme for skilled with such options.

● Free stunning themes

● Latest styles trends

● Multipurpose demos

● Live customizer

● SEO friendly

● Travel maps and elementor page builder

● Retina prepared


This theme offers outstanding practicality and enhances the options.

● Fast loading

● Full page builder support

● Lightweight

● Built-in share module

● Loaded with several choices

● SEO friendly smart customizer


Another excellent theme to form associate ease and custom-made website

● Beautiful and simplified theme

● Mobile friendly

● Large library

● Pre-designed sites

● Ideal appearance

● Which additionally delves into e-commerce

● Personal portfolio

This is the essential design of a WordPress website, and it isn’t too troublesome to understand

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