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What is it about Linux that creates it so versatile?

Linux is out there under the GNU GPL license, which suggests it is often freely used on almost whatever product or service you’re developing, often freed from charge, as long as the license terms are respected. Linux development is community-based; as people improve and make clever ways to form Linux work on an almost infinite sort of devices and platforms, they contribute their changes back so people can still repose on or be inspired by them. In short, it’s this very community that helps drive the huge growth and flexibility of Linux.

Because numerous people are using and contributing to Linux, the software is better and more versatile than what anybody company or individual could possibly create on his or her own. In fact, in 2008 it had been estimated that up thereto point, developing Linux had cost roughly $1.4 trillion U.S. dollars! this is often obviously much more than any single company could afford to take a position . And yet by collaborating together, members of the Linux community have created something that has generated much more value than has been spent on its development.

However, there are many reasons to know more about Linux, either because it’ll assist you better use it, or because you’ll find it interesting or want to have fun with it. a couple of of the multitude of reasons may include:

● Maybe you’re sick and uninterested in certain proprietary operating systems and you’d wish to free yourself and make a press release by moving to open source software generally and Linux especially .

● Maybe you wish for the variability and customizability of Linux.

● Maybe you would like the added security that using open source makes possible.

● Maybe you’re looking to develop job skills that are in demand and well-paid-for.

● Or maybe you’re just curious about learning more about the software that’s changing the planet .

Here are a few good reasons to find Linux!

It’s ubiquitous

From servers & smartphones to smart devices & games consoles, Linux claims an enormous share of the worldwide OS market.

In the consumer market, smartphones running Android and laptops running Chrome OS (Both supported Linux) have proven to be a huge global success, with Android claiming a whopping 88% market share of mobile devices as of Q2 2018 and Chrome OS gaining in popularity; both with no sign of slowing down any time soon.

Although slowly gaining traction, we’re yet to ascertain the main adoption of Linux on the buyer desktop, however it is a different story when it involves web servers, with Linux having an enormous market share of the server market and sharing a number of the world’s most powerful businesses, services and technologies.

It’s free and open source as well

The Linux software falls under the FOSS category. (i.e. Free and Open Source Software). The code is also universally available for all the users if they want to develop anything new using the platform.

If the software is proprietary then there’s no doubt of code availability and also users won’t be ready to get hands-on with the code. tons of various versions of Linux are already built by different countries, a number of the applications it caters to are Defence, communications, etc.

For individuals who are trying to find a career change or building a career in cybersecurity then Linux is taken into account to be one among the simplest platforms to start out with. Building cyber security applications is extremely easy on this platform. Also, as a matter of fact, India has its own Linux version called BOSS ( Bharat OS Solutions).

Unlike Windows and MacOS, anyone can learn and obtain starting with Linux for free of charge and skim the ASCII text file to know what is going on under the hood.

The open source nature of Linux has led to a huge amount of data and resources available to anyone who wants to learn!

Thriving community

The amazing part of the Linux community is that it’s tons of help available online and most of the time they nurture the young talent by providing necessary help.

If you’re using this at your organization then you’ll avail of a premium support service from Redhat.

The above are a couple of reasons why Linux software possesses wide popularity within the software market. this is often definitely an honest aspect thereto because it’s freely available for the individual and also tons of online assistance is also available.

Open source and free software

Which tends to be driven by communities of passionate and highly skilled individuals and Linux is perhaps the foremost popular of them all!

You’ll rarely be in need of evidence or answers and you will find thriving communities all across the online and within the flesh, ready and willing to share information and assist you solve your problem or teach you something new.

Good career prospects

From web development & infosec to connected devices & dev ops, knowledge of Linux plays a crucial role in helping you land employment with a business that uses Linux in their technology stack (and watching the numbers, it is a majority!)

Many companies are trying to find individuals with a minimum of a basic knowledge & understanding of Linux thanks to it playing such an important role in their products, services, infrastructure or a mixture of all.

One of the main benefits of Linux is that it is so well integrated with not only the foremost stable and reliable technologies, but the newest and greatest too, like Docker & Kubernetes.

Stable and secure

Again, the open source nature, popularity and dependency on Linux means it’s the eyes of thousands of talented developers and engineers working with it on a day to day from every market, industry and corner of the globe!

This results in an incredibly stable and secure platform as bugs tend to be spotted and glued soon with security updates and vulnerabilities getting patched before they even become a drag .

Whilst we’re not saying Linux is invulnerable and virus free, it does a considerably better job than its competitors.

Ideal for software development

From simple file scripts to globally scalable applications, Linux is the ideal platform for software development and is widely employed by developers from every segment of the market, from web applications & API’s to machine learning, data science & internet of things.

This is mostly thanks to a mixture of everything we’re talking about during this article, alongside most distributions of Linux shipping with the GNU toolchain; a strong collection of free programming tools which help developers build reliable, sharable and repeatable software.

You’ll understand how computers work

Working with Linux gets you much closer to the lower levels of the system and bare metal of the machine, leading you to places you almost certainly wouldn’t venture on a Windows or Mac.

There will be times when you will be pushed out of your temperature and need to do things that you’ve got never done before, which is what makes Linux such an excellent platform for learning!

Privacy & freedom

Unlike some (most) operating systems, most distributions of Linux aren’t curious about collecting your personal data and sending it back to headquarters for further “analysis”.

Even though most Linux based operating systems aren’t snooping on your personal data, you continue to got to be vigilant and perform regular system updates and take general security & privacy measures on your machine like only installing software from trusted sources.The Linux desktop

Whilst Windows still dominates the desktop OS market with a whopping 87.5% market share and Apples Mac OS coming in second with a relatively tiny 9.8%, the year of the Linux desktop is approaching fast!

You’ll find many Linux desktop environments within the sort of “distributions”, combining a set of software and tools to make a desktop environment very almost like the large boys, alongside thousands of free and open source software & programs comparable or in some cases better than their rivals.

The Linux desktop has come an extended way within the previous couple of years, with many popular distributions now available as a viable choice for each day’s usage, from the casual user to the facility user.

High Security:

Installing Linux on your PC may be a walk in the park and it protects your system from harmful viruses and malware.

The main important aspect of those sorts of platforms is “Security” and while building the Linux platform it had been taken into consideration. it’s more stable in comparison to the Windows platform.

So if you’ve installed any third-party programs on your device, then there’s an opportunity that the program can alter your system settings and alter the configuration settings, thus resulting in unnecessary viruses and malware.

Also to stiffen the safety layer, it’s advisable to feature ClamAV antivirus software to the Linux platform where it’ll be helpful to take care of high level -security standards.

Also, Linux is being Open Source, i.e. the ASCII text file is out there and most of the enthusiasts have already mastered it completely and every one the issues would be identified already.

Ease of Maintenance:

For every software update, the Linux platform is often easily addressed as this doesn’t need a reboot. Also it’s a central software repository that’s capable of putting in the software and keeping it safe. Unlike the windows platform for each update the hardware changes or it can support to an extent.

 So, the upkeep aspect is a smaller amount for Linux users, and also there’s no extra cost related to this.

So this is often user-friendly for college kids and new learners where it doesn’t need a hi-fi system to start out with. The scope for learning on this is often more because they’re tons of resources that are available for an equivalent .

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