Difference between LVM and RAID.

RAID and LVM are two concepts of storing data. Difference in these two is the way the data is stored.

LVM – Logical volume Manager

  • LVM is a way by which you segment the hard plate consistently and it contains its own points of interest.
  • LVM is an intelligent layer that that can be anipulated so as to make and, or extend a legitimate introduction of a circle gadget to an Operating System.
  • LVM as a rule sits on RAID squares or even standard square gadgets to achieve a similar outcome as an apportioning, anyway it is significantly more adaptable than segments. You can make various volumes crossing different physical gadgets, expel physical gadgets without loosing information, resize the volumes, make previews, and so forth.
  • LVM is a product device to oversee enormous pool of capacity gadgets causing them to show up as a solitary sensible pool of capacity asset. LVM can be utilized to deal with an enormous pool of what we call Just-a-lot of-Disk (JBOD) introducing them as a solitary intelligent volume and in this manner make different allotments for software RAID.
  • LVM is a circle the board approach that permits us to make, broaden, diminish, erase or resize the volume gatherings or sensible volumes.

RAID – Redundant Array of Independent Disks

  • RAID is used for redundancy.
  • A RAID gadget is a physical gathering of circle gadgets so as to make a coherent introduction of one gadget to an Operating System for excess or execution or a blend of the two.
  • RAID is an approach to make an excess or striped square gadget with repetition utilizing other physical square gadgets.
  • RAID is either a product or an equipment method to make information stockpiling excess over different square gadgets dependent on required RAID levels.
  • RAID isn’t any sort of Data reinforcement arrangement. Its an answer for forestall one of the SPOFs (Single Point of Failure) for example Plate disappointment. By designing RAID you are simply giving a crisis substitute to the Primary circle. It NEVER implies that you have arranged DATA reinforcement.

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