SQL error 5023 – Tips to fix it


Managing database servers for Web hosts, VPS hosts, etc, and resolving the issues related to it are a major chunk of the Server Management Services that we offer at Bobcares. We receive a number of SQL-related support requests as a part of it. To fix SQL error 5023 is one among them.

This error in general triggers while starting the SQL server. At times users wonder what triggered it.

Today, let’s discuss the top reasons behind this SQL error and it fixes.

What causes the SQL error 5023?

As we discussed earlier the error 5023 triggers normally during a restart operation on Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Server Agent. At times due  to incompatibility of the TLS version or the permission issue of the user account, the service may fail to start with the following error message:

Windows could not start SQL Server on Local Computer. For more information, review the System Event Log.
If this is a non-Microsoft service, contact the service vendor, and refer to service-specific error code 5023.

The major reasons for this error include:

  • Incompatibility issue of TLS version with SQL server. For example, TLS 1.2 is not supported by SQL server 2014.
  • Permission issue of the user account
  • SSL 3.0 and/or TLS 1.0 have been disabled.

Let us now look at the different fixes for this error message:

How to fix the SQL error 5023?

As this error is commonly triggered due to the incompatibility of TLS versions, trying to start that SQL server after disabling the encryption may help to start the SQL service. Steps for it include:

  1. First, click Start, then in the Microsoft SQL Server program group, point to Configuration Tools.
  2. Then, click on the SQL Server Configuration Manager.
  3. Expand SQL Server Network Configuration, right-click the “protocols for SQL Server” and then click Properties.
  4. Finally, on the Flags as well as Certificate tab, disable any encryption applicable.

We can then try starting the SQL server again. Since the incompatible TLS versions are disabled, the SQL server will be started now.

Another possible reason for this error message is the permission issue of the user account. To confirm this, we can try to change the account to a Local System built-in one. The steps to perform it include:

  1. Go into SQL Server configuration manager and select the SQL Server service.
  2. Right-click and select Properties.
  3. Set the account to the Local System built-in account.

Once the account is switched, we can try to start the SQL Server. If it works fine, then it is indeed a user account permission problem. Thus we will need to correct the permission of the user account to fix the issue.

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In short, the SQL error 5023 triggers while starting the SQL server. It happens due to the incompatibility of the TLS version, the permission issue of the user account etc. Today, we discussed how our Support Engineers fix this error.

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