Server management is the maintenance and operation of a server. While this can mean many things, the main idea behind server management is uptime.

Initial Server Setup

We will make all preparations to ensure that the system is capable of starting and is completely functional.

Initial Security Audit

Our team will perform measurable technical assessment of how your corporate security policy has been employed at your site.

Proactive Updates

With implementation of WSUS we can guarantee all updates will be applied to database accurately and in time.

Security Audit

Our experienced specialists will conduct the complete check of the site to detect even little issue.

Monitoring 24x7x365

Our monitoring system provides he possibility to gather all comprehensive data and immediately respond to an issue.


Our team will analyse and solve all technical issues that may occur.

Clients Reviews

24×7 Server Management provides experienced dedicated staffing services.A Team of highly qualified experienced technical system admins who are Industry recognized and internationally certified. Its equivalent of having your own employees working remotely for you.

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