And one more thing I just want to send mails through antispam not for incoming so why I need to set mx record to I want it to be my own server IP, when I am sending emails without setting your MX record getting error message 550-has installed an invalid MX record with an IP address.

From what I can see you’ve managed to get it working correctly. Regarding your inquiry, you don’t need to change the MX records of a domain if don’t use incoming filtering for that domain as well.
The 550-has installed an invalid MX record with an IP address the error relates to the messages that were rejected because the sender’s address couldn’t be verified with a null callout.
The filtering servers do a ‘null sender’ callout to verify the sender. This means that the filtering server will connect to the sending addresses mailserver, using a sender of “<>” (just as a bounce message does), and the specified sender as the RCPT To. After checking the sender, the connection will be properly closed (i.e. no message is actually sent).
This can also occur due to caching so please also clear this from the interface ( from the Clear callout cache - outgoing page)/ sending system.
This user needs to exist at this server (it needs to accept callouts, can be an alias as long as the server gives back an “250 OK” style answer).


So for mailing mx record should be hostname, not Ip address like it should be

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