How to make Minecraft an enchanting table to boost up your enchantments?

What is Minecraft in a nutshell?

The goal of Minecraft is to simply explore and build whatever participants can imagine. The main theme of the game is bricks – think of Legos as a computer video game. It consists entirely of objects in the form of blocks. Building virtual blocks has become the new craze that’s catching both kid’s as well as adult’s attention.

Crafting tables allow you to make anything under the sun, but enchanting tables can give items extra capabilities. So, let’s figure out what enchanting is all about and what exactly enchanting means. 

An item’s abilities are increased by enchantment, which is a part of the Minecraft game mechanic. It makes armor, tools, and weaponry predominant in influence. An item can be enchanted by using many different methods one of which is an enchanting table, which is a block that is used to enhance a tool’s capabilities.

How to enchant items in Minecraft?

There are some approaches we can use to enchant items (in survival mode). Following is some of those techniques:

  • With Lapis Lazuli, which can only be extracted by a pickaxe, you can enchant your weapons using experience points. When a pickaxe is used to mine an enchanting table, the table drops itself. A pickaxe is required for mining, without which the process is slower and a drop is not produced.
  • Utilizing an anvil and an enchanting book together is another option to enchant items.
  • Anvils are used to combine two items with identical species still distinct enchantments.
  • There are also numerous means to obtain enchanted items, including by trading with villagers, via fishing, and even from different mobs and monsters if they possess enchanted items.

By now it is clear that there is more than just one way to enchant items in Minecraft and here we are going to discuss one such method known as “enchanting tables”. The enchantment table (aka “enchanting” table) gives you the power to use magic!

How to craft an enchantment table in Minecraft?

As its name implies, the objective of an enchanting table is to enchant items. This table can enchant every tool, gear, and armor. All of those left (except leads and horse armor) can be enchanted using an anvil and an enchanted book.

Here’s the recipe for crafting an enchanting table!

For crafting an enchanting table all you need is a book, two diamonds, and four obsidian blocks. Lapis lazuli is also needed to power the table. It shouldn’t be difficult to find any of these items, but it might take a little while. 

How to get a book in Minecraft?

Leather and paper are required to make it. In grasslands, cows can be killed for leather; in deserts and swamps, sugar cane can be easily found near water, which is used to make paper. Near water are sugar canes, which look somewhat like bamboo shoots. After having collected sugar cane, place a horizontal row of sugar cane in the crafting area, and seize hold of the paper that’s created. You can now create a book using leather and three sheets of paper.

Now the matter remains of diamonds, obsidian blocks, and Lapis lazuli which can be obtained by mining. Food, weapons, and water should be brought alongside torches. Its important to note that at rock bottom 12 or lower level is needed to dig in order to mine diamonds (layer 0 is the “bottom” of the world; layer 63 is “sea level”); you will also need an iron pickaxe.

Now that you have all the items required to craft an enchanting table, in the enthusiasm do not forget to put these items on your crafting table 🙂 The grid should be 3 x 3 as shown below:

The enchanting table can also be crafted with the help of the following command:

/give @s enchanting_table 1

“1” in the above command represent the amount of enchanting table to be crafted.

How to utilize the enchantment table in Minecraft?

It is important to have Lapis Lazuli after the enchanting table. You can incorporate as many bookshelves around the enchanting table as you want to maximize its potential, but 15 is a minimum requirement.

There are two slabs available when you choose the enchantment table.

It is in this first slot where you must place the object, you’re enchanting. Most gear, tools, and armor can be enchanted on the table (elytra, however, can be enchanted on the anvil).

Your second slot will contain the lapis lazuli. Depending on the level you choose, you may need up to three lapis pieces. A green bar above your hot bar will show how many experiences points you have left. If you need more points, you can kill mobs, mine, and smelt at the furnace.

Upon using the enchantment table, you will observe that you cannot choose what enchantment to get. Instead, you’ll pick from a list of enchantment levels that give you different buffs. A chance exists that you’ll also get a second buff if you select an enchantment. 

[A “Buff” is generally a skill, ability, potion, or spell that improves the abilities of the character. Think of it in this sense: buffed=better and nerfed=worse!]

More enchanting options will become available once you have more experience. In order to acquire certain spells, the best way to enchant specific items is to enchant books until you get the desired spell. You can then apply the enchanted book to an anvil to achieve the desired outcome.

Which are Minecraft’s best enchantments?

Crafting an enchanting table is one of the Minecraft enchantments. This guide is for everyone looking to get the most out of their enchantments in Minecraft. There are certain enchantments that are best for certain situations, and our list below includes the best enchantments that can be used anywhere.

Any tool, weapon, or piece of armor can be enchanted in this way. In view of this, and the fact that they can be extremely useful when applied, we have selected them as the most effective general enchantments in the game.

  • Unbreaking – It is ideal to use this enchantment in conjunction with Mending, but it is also highly effective on its own. Using Unbreaking will ensure that when you use the gear, it will not lose durability (or when it’s applied to armor, you won’t suffer damage). Due to its resource-saving properties, both early-game and end-game players can benefit from this enchantment.
  • Mending – Make sure your gear lasts much longer by attaching Mending. The primary purpose of this item is to revitalize your gear by absorbing XP dropped by enemies. Having this enchantment fixes your gear without the need to invest valuable resources makes it one of the best. It provides your equipment with unending durability when used at a mob grinder that is semi-automatic.

The Conclusion

Progressing in Minecraft may require you to acquire stronger weapons, armor, and tools. You can use the enchanting table to upgrade them the most easily. Those who wish to enchant an item using an enchanting table need lapis lazuli mineral and a certain experience level.


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