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Amazon EC2

Disregard the costly physical servers with this Amazon administration that permits us to make virtual machines and oversee different highlights of servers, for example, stockpiling, security, ports, and so forth. With Amazon EC2 you can make servers in minutes with your favored working framework.

with oversaw managed aws services you will have more opportunity to deal with your ventures and invest less energy keeping up your servers.

Amazon RDS

Amazon helps us to make our infrastructure less complicated, which is why it provides us with the RDS service. But what is it? With this service we will have dedicated instances for databases in a matter of minutes, fully managed by the AWS support team and capable of supporting multiple database engines such as SQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, etc .

Amazon S3

What happens to my data in the cloud? Well, Amazon S3 gives us relief when we talk about data, because they have an incredibly Secure infrastructure. In addition to intelligently distributing data in different physical regions, they also have integrations such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA / HITECH, FedRAMP, our data will never be compromised.

Amazon CloudFront

Have you asked yourself how fast your website is? When your users connect, do they have to wait for seconds to open the page? With the Global Content Delivery Service, commonly known as CDN, Amazon is responsible for managing all your content, delivering it and presenting it efficiently. With a minimum latency and with its high integration with other AWS services.

Amazon VPC

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud is a commercial cloud computing service that provides users a virtual private cloud, By “provision[ing] a logically isolated section of Amazon Web Services Cloud”. Enterprise customers are able to access the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud over an IPsec based virtual private network.

Amazon SNS

Amazon Simple Notification Service is a notification service provided as part of Amazon Web Services since 2010. It provides a low-cost infrastructure for the mass delivery of messages, predominantly to mobile users.

Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

This is the most attractive service for developers. I know that as a developer you do not want to manage the infrastructure of your site, right? It is normal since its maintenance becomes tedious and difficult to solve any problem. AWS Elastic Beanstalk relieves all this; developers no longer need to manage the infrastructure and focus on developing their software or applications.

Amazon Lambda

AWS Lambda is an event-driven, serverless computing platform provided by Amazon as a part of the Amazon Web Services. It is a computing service that runs code in response to events and automatically manages the computing resources required by that code.

Amazon Auto Scaling

The magic of AWS – How to expand our application and take it to thousands and millions of users? Well, Amazon again gives us the solution. With AutoScaling we can manage a fleet of servers which are capable of supporting all the traffic that our application demands. The service is totally free, the only thing charged is the number of instances for the time they run.

Amazon Elasticache

Amazon ElastiCache is a fully managed in-memory data store and cache service by Amazon Web Services. The service improves the performance of web applications by retrieving information from managed in-memory caches, instead of relying entirely on slower disk-based databases.

Our services

Cloud Solutions

No charges for starting cloud solutions or transferring to cloud requirements.


Support is our Business' component and we are there for you.

Free Maintenance

We will do all maintenance work so you can concentrate on your business instead of worrying about servers.

Cost Savings & Optimization

The requirement is likely affecting your transfer. We can assess your AWS settings searching for ways to help save money and enhance functionality.

Free from Downtime

With CLoud & MultiZone Availabilty you will have zero downtime.


Our blend of resources and AWS specialists will help to protect your server along with the data saved on it.

How CloudHost Manages your AWS Server's?

Managed AWS Security

Tracking – Our AWS specialists explore issues, monitor your infrastructure 24/7, and fix your problems. Direction – This service provides infrastructure control from problem solving to upkeep — providing a internet operations team’s purpose. Remediation- This includes issue resolution and observation managed by engineers effective at solving problems Which Range from minor

Evaluation and Architecture

Your structure will be built by us based on price versions diagrams and best-practices. Our team of AWS specialists collect your requirements and will review your program infrastructure.


In addition, we streamline your management portal site to boost functionality and your efficiency. By ensuring the use of tools on its own platform, we maximize your AWS price.


We create your site or web application reside once verified. We polish and will test your program. Data and your applications move execute validation that is post-migration. Pick the for information migration.


Answers to most frequently asked shared hosting questions

Amazon cloud servers are ideal for high-traffic websites and stores that require high reliability and performance. AWS hosting as managed through our Platform is robust enough to manage your ecommerce stores and similar projects.

You can easily scale your Amazon cloud server by going to Vertical Scaling tab in the Server Management menu. We make it easy to leverage the power of AWS hosting for your projects. For more details, please read our KB article.

We create a new Amazon hosting account for our users. This is why you cannot use your existing AWS hosting account with our Platform.

Yes! When launching your Amazon web servers from the CloudHost Platform, you can select your desired data center from the drop-down menu.

No, your monthly CloudHost invoice includes all the costs incurred for Amazon Cloud Services. You don’t have to pay any extra amount for AWS hosting.

Yes, we offer one FREE migration to all our users who opt for a Cloudways managed AWS hosting server.

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