At the point when you’re perusing web-based, experiencing an error message that prevents you from getting to a web website is extraordinarily baffling. One such mistake is the ‘DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG’ message. It can happen regardless of your program or OS. 

DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG might be a typical organization association mistake that would show up once you access a web webpage during a program. A screen with the resulting mistake shows up. 

As the name of the mistake recommends, it’s a DNS-related blunder. It shows your PC has an awful DNS (Domain Name Server) arrangement, preventing your PC from building up a reference to the organization. 

Is It a Website/Browser Specific Error? 

This blunder isn’t site explicit, so you’ll see it on any site. Additionally, it’s not programmatic. It implies you’ll experience this mistake while utilizing Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, or the other web program. 

Since this mistake is network-related, you’ll see this blunder when visiting any site in any program. Keep in mind; you associate utilizing a comparable organization paying little heed to your program/site. 


While there are several reasons you would potentially be seeing this message, the incredible news is that you can at least thin it directly down to a DNS or organization issue. some of the chief primary reasons for DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG include: 

● Organization settings that were inadvertently changed 

● Switch settings changed through an unapproved application. 

● Program plugin(s), like a VPN application, meddling or playing with the IP or DNS address. 

● Dangerous firewall or antivirus programming 

● Adulterated documents on your gadget 

It’s additionally conceivable that the fundamental issue is far less complex. For example, the blunder message may come from a failing web link or a web website that is briefly down. 

Some of the methods to resolve this issue:

Restart Your Router 

Regardless of whether your switch is safely connected, it will require a quick reboot to reset the IP address. Hence, the essential advance is to restart your switch. 

To do as such, hold down the office. After leaving it off at least for one moment, power it back on. While it’s restarting, you’ll likewise need to restart your PC. 

When the two gadgets are back on, connect with your Wi-Fi or LAN organization and look at getting to the site once more. If you’re seeing DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG, it’s an ideal opportunity to move on to the ensuing technique. 

Clear Browser Cache 

Here and there, it’s a lousy store that is causing the DNS mistake. In such circumstances, the most straightforward arrangement is to clear treats and program reserves. It’s simple whether you’re utilizing Google Chrome or any other program. 

Follow these overall settings that apply to all or any standard programs. 

● Open your program 

● go to ‘settings’ in your program 

● Now look for a choice like ‘perusing information,’ ‘history,’ or something comparable. 

● It’s ‘perusing information’ in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera programs. 

● Now you should be prepared to clear treats and stored information. 

Clearing perusing information 

By and large, clearing program information should fix the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG mistake. On the off chance that you experience this blunder notwithstanding clearing reserve/treats, follow the excess strides underneath. 

Delete Temporary Files 

Your program stores brief documents on your PC all together that it can rapidly get to them later to upgrade your perusing experience. Here and there, you’ll see the DNS blunder when some of these records are bad. 

In Windows, brief records are put away in the ‘temp’ catalog. You’ll get to it by following the means beneath. 

● aPress Windows + R key 

● Alternatively, open the Run discourse box from Windows programs by getting to Start>All Programs. 

● when you see the Run discourse box, type “%temp%” without cites 

● Hit enter 

● it would be better if you were prepared to see impermanent records put away on your PC 

For Mac clients, follow these means to search out impermanent records on your PC. 

● Press Shift + CMD + G keys together 

● A discourse box will open. 

● Enter “~/Library/Caches” without cites inside the content field 

● it would be good if you were prepared to see transitory records put away on your Mac 

After you have admittance to those transitory records on your PC, basically select every one of them and DELETE. Getting blocked with these documents could help you settle the DNS issue. 

If this doesn’t help, move to the ensuing advance. 

Change DNS Address 

Here and there, changing the DNS address of your organization connector can settle the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG mistake. Here is the best approach to change DNS addresses. 

● Click the starting catch in Windows OS. 

● Find “Open Network and Sharing Center” and snap on it. 

● If you’re utilizing Windows 8 or Windows 10, basically search for ‘organization and sharing .’ In this manner, the significant settings ought to show up. 

Changing DNS address 

● From the Network settings page, click on “Change Adapter Settings.” 

● Now you should be prepared to see Network Connection settings. 

● Right-click consequently and pick “Properties.” 

● Choose “Web Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and snap on its properties. 

● Now you should be prepared to change the DNS worker address. 

● Please change it to eight .8.8.8 

● inside the other DNS worker field, enter 

● Save settings 

Presently have a go at perusing the web. Visit your #1 site. It should work without providing you with the DNS blunder. 

Flush DNS and Renew IP Address 

In the case of nothing else helps, you’ll endeavor to flush DNS and reestablish the IP address to fix. 

DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG mistake page. Since this resets DNS and fixes network arrangement, it should fix the DNS blunder much of the time. Follow the means beneath. 

● Open the Run exchange box by squeezing Windows + R key on your console. 

● you’ll likewise open travel by getting to Start>All Programs 

● Once you see the Run exchange box, type CMD and hit the Enter key to open the brief. 

● Now type the resulting orders independently inside the brief and press Enter after each line. 





Presently restart your PC and look to go to specific sites once more. It should work now. It would be best if you did not experience the DNS blunder once more. 

Use Chrome Cleanup Tool 

The authority Google Chrome Cleanup Tool helps in filtering and eliminating programming’s which will cause the matter with chrome-like accidents, surprising startup pages or toolbars, sudden promotions you can’t get hinder, or in any case changing your perusing experience.

‘DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG’ error can be resolved; therefore, the techniques to repair it; you’ll attempt the strategies referenced above to repair it without help from anyone else.

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