Access phpMyAdmin without login to cPanel.


How to access phpMyAdmin without login to cPanel?

Many times you will get the question from client that –I want to provide access the phpMyAdmin to my web-developer and I do not want to provide the cPanel login details to my developer. Is it possible? Yes, it is!


1. Download the stable version of phpMyAdmin and upload it under public_html directory of your cPanel account. Extract it.

Here is the download link for you –

2. Once done then replace the name of the directory with the name which is easy to remember that is if downloaded file has name as phpMyAdmin.tar.gz then replace it with only phpMyAdmin.

3. Type ‘‘ in web-browser.

4. You will be asked to enter the the username and password so you have to enter here the MySQL database username and it’s associated password. That’s it!

Note – Please make sure to create the MySQL database user under cPanel >> MySQLDatabases.

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