How can I activate call forwarding service?

Call forwarding is a handset-dependent feature and is based on the handset compatibility. So, if your handset has this feature then you can activate it from the handset by going to Settings > Call > Advance settings > Call forwarding. Please note the navigation might differ on different handsets. Alternatively, it can be activated by dialling the following star codes and providing the 10 digit number for forwarding the calls:
1. Call forwarding Unconditional – *401*<10 digit number>
2. Call forwarding – no answer- *403*<10 digit number>
3. Call forwarding – busy – *405*<10 digit number>
4. Call Conditional call forwarding – not reachable-*409*<10 digit number>
example *409*8709063071
Do not add # USSD service do not work on 4g network

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