I was getting below error when opening installatron for all installs –

Error message –

Error: Website not found. If the website was recently renamed or moved please edit the install to
save the new location (Files & Tables tab).

1. Remove the installatron installation and then import the site back into installatron.

2. If it won’t work then try this – 
/usr/local/installatron/repair -f –release

3. If it fails then please try below command –

rm -fr /usr/local/installatron/lib /usr/local/installatron/etc/php.ini
curl -O http://dal01.installatron.com/installatron-plugin.sh
chmod 755 installatron-plugin.sh
./installatron-plugin.sh -f –release

3. Still there is error then please use below commands –

/usr/local/installatron/repair -f –quick
mv /var/installatron/data.db /var/installatron/data.db.bak
rm -f /var/installatron/data.db-*
/usr/local/installatron/installatron –repair –recache
/usr/local/installatron/installatron –send-update-report

It worked for me!


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