Cyber threats? Spam? A thing of the past! Managing spam and viruses is one of the most used features when hosting email.

Get Backups of Your Emails

The loss of emails with business information is something tragic and should be avoided. Introduce email archiving, an essential tool for preserving and backing up, keeping you in compliance with legal requirements!

Reduce Costs

Protect your network with our highly competitive joint licenses,a fraction of the competitive price.Take advantage of theLowest Price Guarantee compared toother professional email security solutions 

Full and Simple Control

Get complete control and is easy to use. With SpamExperts and Cloudhostweb you get simple, fast and convenient management. With our exclusive dashboard, in just a few clicks you have control over

Delivery Queue

SpamExperts delivery queues add a level of redundancy when the destination server cannot be reached. Messages in the queue are forwarded to the destination mail server when it is possible to contact you again

Quick Setup

If you are already a Cloudhost customer, rest assured that all configurations are done on your account! Just hire and wait for everything to be set up.

Supported Mail Servers

SpamExperts is fully independent and supports any SMTP-compliant email server (Exchange mail filtering, Zimbra mail, Exim, Qmail, Lotus, and others. 

Quality and Efficiency of Filtration

The unrivaled knowledge of SpamExperts is the direct result of processing millions of emails every second of the day. 

Integration and Automation

SpamExperts provides built-in add-ons that integrate fully into Receiving Filtering. The add-ons include main control panels

Incoming Filter


  1. Inbound Filtering
  2. 99.95% Email Server Uptime
  3. Log Search
  4. Web Management
  5. 24×7 Monitoring
  6. Email Size Restriction
  7. Filter Settings
  8. 99% Filtering Accuracy
  9. Spam Quarantine
  10. Whitelist / Blacklist

Outgoing Filter


  1. Outgoing Filtering
  2. Whitelist / Blacklist
  3. Web Management
  4. 99% Filtering Accuracy
  5. 99.95% Email Server Uptime
  6. Attachment Restrictions
  7. Log Search
  8. 24×7 Monitoring
  9. Filter Settings
  10. Easy to Use

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All your devices, all in sync.

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Answers to most frequently asked shared hosting questions

Generally, the term “Unlimited Hosting” refers to web hosting offers that provide unlimited disk storage, data transfer, as well as addon domain name capacity. In a way, unlimited hosting providers are actually offering the freedom to host as many websites as you can at an affordable price.

The limits of resources can be available to you is different and set accordiong to packages, so you better check with your purchased plan for this particular information.

The most convenient way to transfer your website’s files to your new web hosting account is via FTP. You should connect to your hosting account and download the files locally to your computer. Then you have to upload them to your new hosting account’s main folder (usually public_html, www or httpdocs).dapibus leo.

Usually, all Shared hosting orders are activated automatically within a few minutes after the order has been placed. As a rare exception, our Billing team may need to process a hosting order manually. In this case, account activation may take up to 30 minutes.
If you order addons for the Reseller package (for example, a WHMCS license, private nameservers, etc.), the Billing team will create them manually and send the email with the information within 4 hours after the order.

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