Converting a WordPress theme to HTML

Converting a WordPress theme to HTML, Which is often a frightening undertaking. There are multiple steps to follow, and if you’re not careful, you risk losing data. While you’ll use a WordPress to HTML converter to make the work easier, you’ll not know which is best for your situation.

Fortunately, there are tools available to assist with many aspects of migration. They vary quite a bit in just what tasks they perform. Whether you’re planning on doing most of the work yourself, or if you’d prefer an all-in-one solution, you ought to be ready to find a tool that suits your needs.

In this post, we’ll discuss why you would possibly want to migrate from WordPress to HTML. Then we’ll share five tools that will assist you with the method. These include converters and static WordPress hosts that turn your site into static HTML and host it.

What is HTML?

The HyperText terminology, or HTML, is standard terminology for documents designed to be displayed during a browser. It is often assisted by technologies like Cascading Style Sheets and scripting languages like JavaScript.


Let us cover some tools that want to convert WP to HTML.


Simply Static

Static may be a simple static site generator developed by Code of Conduct LLC and is open-source software.

 The purpose of this plugin is to make a simple static site from your WordPress code, What this tool does is to generate HTML copies of your WordPress website pages; thus, your WordPress installation remains an entirely different entity from the static site.

The prime goal of this plugin is to create a static website from your WordPress site. It generates HTML copies of your sites in WordPress, keeping your WordPress set up entirely as a private entity from the static site.

convert WordPress website to HTML


● Simply static includes Stylesheets, JS, and pictures.

● This one tool is the simplest ways to convert your WP site to a static one just with the assistance of one click

● The WP URLs are automatically replaced with relative URLs, absolute URLs, or offline URLs.

WP Static HTML Output

WP Static HTML Output may be a simple and powerful tool for converting a WordPress site into HTML. It’s open-source software that generates an HTML copy of your entire site. It allows unlimited export targets for one website. WordPress static is another simple yet powerful tool that helps you change your WordPress site into static HTML. This tool allows you to export unlimited targets for your website. WP static is an open-source plugin that makes an HTML version of your complete site.


Jekyll may be a simple, blog-aware, and popular static site generator supported by GitHub. Typically Jekyll is employed to convert blogs and minor projects. It takes template directory containing text files in any required format, follows steps like converting & rendering, and generates static HTML websites. To find out the way to build a static website using Jekyll, 

Jekyll is a superb open-source SSG for blogs and smaller sites. This tool enables you to migrate from WordPress to HTML while still retaining an excellent deal of functionality.

Integrations are possible for eCommerce, other CMSs, forms, and site search. However, you’ll get to be comfortable performing some coding to require full advantage of what Jekyll has got to offer. This is often a Ruby program, so some knowledge of that language may be a must to use it.


● A Jekyll website may be a collection of files within the sort of a directory. As Github pages are deeply integrated with Jekyll, you’ll store your entire website during a Git repository

● Since Jekyll may be a large community, they do need numerous documentation and installation guides. This makes it simple to import content from WordPress and convert it to HTML

● You can customize how the tool builds your site through configuration options.

● There’s a lively community you’ll address for help.

● You can easily host your site using GitHub Pages.

● convert WordPress website to HTML using Jekyll


If you’re more curious about outsourcing the migration process, you’ll want to research Strattic, a well-liked static WordPress host. This service can handle the particular migration for you and supply you with static hosting after the move is complete.

Strattic could also be a superb option for those that want to maneuver to HTML but don’t have the expertise to try to do so independently. This tool also enables you to continue editing your website using your WordPress installation, so you don’t have to learn HTML to reap the advantages of a static front.



● Site search is supported

● Content delivery network (CDN) included

● Free SSL certificate

● WordPress editor functionality


Pelican is an another popular static site generator that permits users to write down content in Markdown, reStructuredText, or AsciiDoc format and import from WordPress, Dotclear, or RSS feeds. Also, it’s several tools that help with the generation of sitemap files. Pelican tool allows you to write down content in Structured Text, Markdown, or Ascii Doc format and convert it into static HTML. You’ll even import from Dotclear, RSS feeds, or WordPress. Additionally, it’s in-built tools to assist you in generating sitemap files.

Pelican helps convert WordPress websites to HTML.


● Supports features like Atom and RSS feed, social media integration, commenting tools like Disqus, Google Analytics, and code syntax highlighting

● Helps in customizing themes using Jinja templates and publishing the content in several languages


HardyPress may be a WordPress to HTML converter and hosting service which will generate HTML copies of your pages and deploy them on a CDN for your visitors to access.

This tool is functionally almost like Strattic. Therein it creates a static version of your website to serve visitors while leaving your WordPress installation intact on a separate domain. However, HardyPress offers a private Website pricing tier, making it a far better choice for those with a straightforward website.


● Includes support for Contact Form 7

● Email support included altogether plans

● Built-in program optimization (SEO)

● The one-year backup plan included

Converting your WordPress site to HTML can have several advantages, from improved performance to tighter security.

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