Antispam spamexperts setup

add domain

Step 3 of 3:


Destination route hostname 587

 Connection and recipient validation appears to work.

In exim.conf

begin routers

Section: ROUTERSTART in whm

  driver = manualroute
  domains = ! +local_domains
  senders = ^.*
  ignore_target_hosts =
  #condition = “${perl{check_limits}}”
  # Exclude null sender messages from relaying via the smarthost
  #condition = ${if or {{!eq{$sender_address}{}} {!eq{$sender_host_address}{}}}}
  transport = spamexperts_smarthost_transport
  route_list = $domain

telnet 587

begin transports

  driver = smtp
# # In-case your server continues to send outbound over port 25 please add the below line
  port = 587
  hosts_require_tls =
#  .include_if_exists /etc/exim.dkim.conf
# hosts_require_auth = *

save option at last

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